The First Response!

Me: What is our first response to life?

Adi: In what way?

Me: OK, let us change the question. What is the first way to respond to life?

Adi: I do not know.

Me: Brilliant! You have hit the nail on the head!

Adi: Hmmmmn. How?

Me: As soon as you say, “I know”, you have lost the opportunity to explore or learn anything. But, when you say, “I do not know”, the whole world opens up!

Adi: Interesting, but I have my doubts.

Me: Another beauty. Being in “doubt” is another opportunity to dig deeper into things.

Adi: I am loosing interest. Look the vast sky – hey! what is that bird? Vulture or Eagle?

Me: So, we finally arrive at the answer.

Adi: And, the answer is?

Me: The most natural response to life is to wonder! As long as you do not know anything and you do not apply any label like “vulture” or “eagle” to anything, you will continue to explore, learn and dig deeper. As soon as you think – actually, as soon as you get into the illusion that you “have” the answer, you will stop wondering and loose interest.

Adi: So, one should never arrive at the answer?

Me: Bang on! I always knew you were a genius.


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