The Art of Manifestation -1

In the post “The Free Response -2”, the discussion moved from freedom to manifestation. According to me, the first step (and probably the “almost” last step as well) is to have clear intentions expressed in minutest detail.

Check your mind. Check your reality. Your mind is like a pendulum ever swinging in different directions. Your reality is a hotchpotch because you mind is almost always in a hotchpotch state.

Like in the post “The Free Response -2”, the entrepreneur had intentions but actually his mind was filled with doubts and negative possibilities:

Me: What exactly is your intention?

He: To close these sales.

Me: Not clear and detailed enough. Technically “closure” is a correct term in Sales, but for the mind, the “closure” could even be read as closure of lead without conversion.

He: Is it?

Me: Maybe. Maybe not, but why take the risk? Why not specifically intend that you will get the Purchase Order of a specific amount?

He: Sounds interesting!

To be continued!


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