The Free Response -2

In part 1 of this post series, I had shared a discussion with an entrepreneur where his passion for Stand-up Comedy was revealed. We have begun manifesting that “part of his life” to reality. In the meantime, the discussion on regular business continued:

Me: Let us get back to your poor Sales Closure. Any current leads in processing?

Entrepreneur: Yes, I have two leads that I would love to close ASAP.

Me: You said you are anxious. What exactly are your thoughts?

He:  I feel they might fizzle out.

Me: Then most likely they will fizzle out.

He: Why?

Me: There is power in using the principle, “What I think, happens”. If you consistently think that you will win those orders then there is a better chance that you will think, communicate and act constructively to achieve your goals.

We delved a bit more on this. He agreed to try this out. Let us see what happens to those leads.

Maybe the elusive “magic” to creating “manifestation” in our lives is simply consistent focused thinking. It may not be easy though because the mind will almost always trip you every other second.





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