Live Your Highest Vision Now!

For about a decade now, my mantra and call for action for working with people (colleagues, partners and clients) has been – Live Your Highest Vision Now! Here is a quick elaboration for this War Cry:

We all have “someday” Goals. Someday you would Skydive, travel the world, learn dancing, cut your music album……and so on! We all such a list! Everyone!

Now here is the magic – start working on your “someday” goals and see how your quality of work, life and relationships magnifies. On the top of that, you start getting better results in your current job or business. That is the promise of the mantra “Live Your Highest Vision Now! This becomes more exciting when we fuse this with the recent Moonshot Thinking we have doing here (previous post – What does it take to execute a Moonshot) and here (Resource page on playing big).

So, time to ask yet again! What is your Highest Vision? Your Greatest Idea? Your Grandest Mission? What must you do before you say goodbye to this earth? What is your Moonshot? I happened to meet a top notch Career Counselor yesterday and we ended up discussing our Moonshots – and guess what! We found a possible way to collaborate and speed our Moonshots. More on this in the next post! Shall be back soon.


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