The Art of Manifestation -2

In earlier post – The Art of Manifestation -1 – we explored how our mind-state typically oscillates in different directions. Now, how do we move towards gaining mastery over the process of manifestation? Is Manifestation an art or science or both or something totally random? Nobody knows, otherwise all of us would be conjuring gold coins out of thin air!

I see manifestation (the process of converting an intention into something real) as both an art and science. Manifesting an intention into reality can simply be a case of taking few steps and, in that sense, it is a science. However, our circumstances and realities are far too complex for science to be able to accurately ensure an event. There is where Art and our intuitive faculties comes into picture.

One way to begin mastering manifestation is to test various hypotheses. Here is one of the the most powerful hypotheses ever:

You are your circumstances.

This hypothesis implies that each and every detail of your outer reality is an exact replica of your outer reality, If your reality is a hotch-potch then it indicates that your inner reality – the complete web of memories, thoughts and emotions – is messy. Cleaning up this mess may not be easy but this is the simplest and most powerful too available. Whenever, something is not happening to your liking, check what are the confusions, doubts and contradictions in your mind.

Here is a hard-hitting test – whatever is happening in your life is happening because it happened first in your mind. Check with yourself as honestly as possible (may not be easy as we all love our illusions) – about whichever results you are NOT able to achieve in your life – did you have concerns and fears regarding those goals? If yes, then the hypothesis “You are your circumstances” holds true – it is so simple – the first rule of manifestation is to have clear thoughts and intentions.

Universe does not understand confusion. The Universe is waiting – for a clear command – ask clearly and you shall receive.


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