Business Coach

I love supporting entrepreneurs – as Nassim Nicholas Taleb said:

Most of you will fail, disrespected, impoverished, but we are grateful for the risks you are taking and the sacrifices you are making for the sake of the economic growth of the planet and pulling others out of poverty. You are the source of our anti-fragility. Our nation thanks you. – Nassim Taleb, ‘Anti-Fragile’

I focus on 360 Degree Review of an idea or enterprise – the complete threadbare audit of what is being done, what is not being done and what must be done.

Next, helping clarify vision and then helping build blueprints and roadmaps for different dimensions of business – Product Roadmaps, Marketing Penetration Blueprints, Quality Engineering, Software Technology Implementations and so on.

I moderate – a platform to support entrepreneurs and connect to more Coaches and Consultants. Shoot us a query anytime to To formally engage a Business Coach see more details here.