Almost everyone, most of the time, debates solely based on their beliefs!

Now, what is the purpose of exploring & learning?

What is the objective of education?

Hold your breath!

It is to CHANGE your belief!

Excerpt from “A Nobel Laureate’s Mind-Blowing Perspective On The Ultimate Outcome Of An Education” post by Brandon Busteed:

Kahneman answered my question without hesitation: “Well, I think that’s quite obvious. It’s to change what you believe.”

To change. What you. Believe.

Now 85, Kahneman was awarded an economics Nobel in 2002.

He is a professor emeritus of psychology and public affairs at Princeton.

His answer struck me as profound when I first heard it.

It seems even more profound now.

He didn’t say, “to change what you know.”

Knowing is one thing, believing is another.

This is wonderful!

Works very well with the “The Free Mind” way of life!

Free your mind from all your beliefs.

When was the last time you changed one of your beliefs? Do not remember? Maybe you have not had REAL LEARNING for a long time then!

What does it take to execute a Moonshot!

The Free Mind is about playing. Playing Freely. And, sometimes playing Big! An exciting contemporary term for biggest and boldest projects or ventures is “Moonshot” – defines moonshot as:

A moonshot, in a technology context, is an ambitious, exploratory and ground-breaking project undertaken without any expectation of near-term profitability or benefit and also, perhaps, without a full investigation of potential risks and benefits.

Recently I presented a talk on “What does it take to execute a Moonshot!” to a bunch of entrepreneurs. Here is an outline of the discussion:

Let us delve deeper into these steps in later posts. There is also a page being dedicated on this website to compile resources on Moonshot thinking here. Keep watching for some really exciting stuff