The modern society is designed to destroy the individual (and not just the climate and natural resources).

Try this experiment. Hop on to a metro / subway train or enter a office and start a conversation (or take the easy route of eavesdropping). I end-up discovering that most people are not even aware that they are slave to a lifestyle defined by others. All their “struggles” are leading to blind alleys – because even the “struggles” are not purely their own. For example, even in this era of almost infinite diverse opportunities,  kids are told to pursue streams that have “more scope” and “more money”. Growing up, the common thinking is to jump to a job with the biggest “pay package” or seek a business that is “most profitable”.

If you (and / or people around you)  are perpetuating the same thinking in your own life and your kids’ lives, time to take a pause.

Why not ask yourself (and your kids and colleagues):

  1. What truly interests you?
  2. What work would give you purest joy, empowering meaning and truest satisfaction?
  3. How can your work create maximum beneficial impact around you?

If there are no ready answers found, then the simplest question is: When would YOU start doing your own independent thinking? Why not attack the status quo, stand up and wage a war (if that is what is required) to start living freely and independently on your own terms?


The Free Response -1

Entrepreneur: I am struggling to close sales.

Me: How many months you have been into business?

Entrepreneur: Three months.

Me: So you gotta give more time to this.

We discuss the product, the market, the product-market fit, sales process et al.

Soon the discussion is back to worries.

Entrepreneur: I am getting worried.

Me: Why are you doing this business?

He: To make money.

Me: I dont think you are excited about it.

He: Why do you say so?

Me: Let us say you already have all the money you need. Then what would you do?

He: Spend it.

Me: After you have done all the spending then what would you do?

He: Charity.

Me: Let us say the world’s problems are over and no charity is needed.  Then what would you do?

He: Never thought about it.

Me: So let us think now!

We chit chat a bit then he suddenly exclaims, “Some time back in my spare time, I used write comedy scripts and wondered about being a Standup Comedian”.

Me: Thank You. We have arrived at the Free Response. Lets get you on stage!

Conversation continued in part 2!