Your MIND has INVENTED a few LABELS (say humble/confident lawyer/doctor) as a REACTION to deal with life.

You have absolutely NO IDEA as to who you REALLY ARE.

Biologically, we are all animals having bodies which shall inevitably perish. The brain or the mind DELUDES us into BUILDING our own unique identities based on how we RESPOND to social structures around us.

You THINK you are a summary of various labels based on your personality and profession?

There is NO IDENTITY except WHAT your MIND has INVENTED as a continuous series of REACTIONS to deal with people and situations.

Question: HOW MUCH  of your identity is based purely your OWN choice?

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The Art of Manifestation -1

In the post “The Free Response -2”, the discussion moved from freedom to manifestation. According to me, the first step (and probably the “almost” last step as well) is to have clear intentions expressed in minutest detail.

Check your mind. Check your reality. Your mind is like a pendulum ever swinging in different directions. Your reality is a hotchpotch because you mind is almost always in a hotchpotch state.

Like in the post “The Free Response -2”, the entrepreneur had intentions but actually his mind was filled with doubts and negative possibilities:

Me: What exactly is your intention?

He: To close these sales.

Me: Not clear and detailed enough. Technically “closure” is a correct term in Sales, but for the mind, the “closure” could even be read as closure of lead without conversion.

He: Is it?

Me: Maybe. Maybe not, but why take the risk? Why not specifically intend that you will get the Purchase Order of a specific amount?

He: Sounds interesting!

To be continued!

The Free Response -2

In part 1 of this post series, I had shared a discussion with an entrepreneur where his passion for Stand-up Comedy was revealed. We have begun manifesting that “part of his life” to reality. In the meantime, the discussion on regular business continued:

Me: Let us get back to your poor Sales Closure. Any current leads in processing?

Entrepreneur: Yes, I have two leads that I would love to close ASAP.

Me: You said you are anxious. What exactly are your thoughts?

He:  I feel they might fizzle out.

Me: Then most likely they will fizzle out.

He: Why?

Me: There is power in using the principle, “What I think, happens”. If you consistently think that you will win those orders then there is a better chance that you will think, communicate and act constructively to achieve your goals.

We delved a bit more on this. He agreed to try this out. Let us see what happens to those leads.

Maybe the elusive “magic” to creating “manifestation” in our lives is simply consistent focused thinking. It may not be easy though because the mind will almost always trip you every other second.




The Center of All Things!

Muse: I enjoy being at a high when things work for me but then I am miserable when things do not work for me!

Me: Why not live a life from centeredness?

Muse: What does living a life from centeredness mean?

Me: It means – Doing whatever you do from a totally relaxed state of mind!