Become a Free Mind Coach


One of the most wondrously exciting opportunities of life is to live it as a TOTALLY FREE UNINHIBITED PURSUIT.

That is, you may freely CHOOSE to give prime importance and urgency to what most INTERESTS you as an unique individual.

The path is simple – focus on finding and nurturing your truest interests – your own unique line of thinking -based on questions like:

  1. What do you really wish to KNOW MORE about this life and universe?
  2. What ALL do you wish to learn?
  3. What you MOST CURIOUS about? What would you love to research about?
  4. What do you want to experiment with? What do you want play around and tinker with?
  5. What would give you a sense of adventure – day-in and day-out? What would be most exciting to do? What would really thrill you?
  6. What would give most satisfaction, fulfillment and meaning?
  7. What is your Grandest Self Expression?
  8. What is your Highest Vision?
  9. What is your Greatest Mission?
  10. What is your FREEST, Greatest & Grandest GAME right now?


Working on this is a life-long work – even beyond life times:

  1. You are invited to pursue TFM in your own unique ways.
  2. Let us document our journeys and learnings so that others may benefit.
  3. Let us invite more and more people to join this project and movement.
  4. Together, let us CO-CREATE A BODY OF KNOWLEDGE (TFM-BOK) that is available to all.
  5. To those who may benefit from this TFM-BOK, let us be their friends, guides, counselors, and, wherever required, as a formal TFM COACH.

Hop aboard!

Wherever you are on this earth, solar system, galaxy, universe or any other universe, email me at and let us start talking.