The Freedom Zone

About The Freedom Zone

Remember those moments when your mind, body and consciousness seemed to be in a state of spontaneous flow. In those moments, everything seems to “naturally” work out, the obstacles are transcended with ease, there is an experience of mastery and you get the feeling you can do no wrong – after all, you are in that magical space of being “in the zone”.

While these moments might seem to come to me and go at their own unpredictably sweet will, it is possible to recreate that magical zone again and again, as often as you like, simply by participating in “The Freedom Zone” sessions !

What is The Freedom Zone

The Freedom Zone is a moment in time and space when you experience spontaneous freedom with a subtle exhilaration leading to freest self-expression and unbridled creativity.

There is a flowing ease in whatever you are “doing” in the freedom zone, though it is more about “being” in a powerful space that allows you to come alive like never before, often resulting in the expression of your greatest ideas, effortlessly energizing yourself to your highest capacities and an uninhibited enthusiasm leading you to “be”, “give” or produce your very best.

The Freedom Zone Delivery Method

The Freedom Zone is a series of one-to-one exclusive sessions conducted through phone, skype or face-to-face when the participant can be in the same city as the coach.

It is also available as a group workshop.

Who Delivers The Freedom Zone

The methodology is developed by Omnizient Labs and the lead coach for “The Freedom Zone” sessions and workshops is Amarendra Srivastava whose profile can see at Linkedin, BizVidya and other places. He can be reached at Facebook or Twitter.