“Perspective shifts will unlock more than smartness will.”
– Dr. Astro Teller, Moonshot Factory, Google

Fundamentally, are we perceiving, learning, acting and living our entire lives in some illusion or delusion or simply in a simulation? Dr. Preston Greene, a philosophy professor, in his article “Are We Living in a Computer Simulation? Let’s Not Find Out”, shares:

“In 2003, the philosopher Nick Bostrom made an ingenious argument that we might be living in a computer simulation created by a more advanced civilization. He argued that if you believe that our civilization will one day run many sophisticated simulations concerning its ancestors, then you should believe that we’re probably in an ancestor simulation right now.”

In another article on, Cognitive psychologist Donald Hoffman thinks human evolution blinds us about the objective reality. He says:

But is it valid? Experiments my collaborators and I have performed to test the form of sensory perception that evolution has given us suggest a startling conclusion: it isn’t. It leads to a crazy-sounding conclusion, that we may all be gripped by a collective delusion about the nature of the material world.

Do we know the real game here? It really does not matter. We need to realize that we might be taking life too seriously, especially the darker side that keeps us away living life freely and powerfully.

Seers tell us that how we see the world appears to us as the world. Change your perspective to change your world! As easy or cheesy as it might sound, this is what is the “core stuff” that almost all coaches and Gurus teach. Yet there are no formal methodologies to achieve this elusive “transformative learning”.

While ancient masters have been teaching this for eons, in the contemporary thought, as per wikipedia, Jack Mezirow is credited to have developed transformative learning theory starting in 1978.

Though, as I see, Werner Erhard demonstrated a practical approach on “getting” transformation through his est program launched in 1971. He had to hand over “est” to his employees who started conducting similar programs renamed as “Landmark Forum” which has one of the most impactful programs in last few decades. Since last many years, Werner has taken on write formal research papers which are treat to read (see here).

In my Business Coaching and Consulting practice, I get to deal with lot of “transformational” issues and hence this is an area of great interest to me.

Lot of more interesting stuff to come on his page soon!

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