What Are Your Biggest Questions?

The magic is in asking the right questions at the right time!

What are you asking yourself these days? What are you asking LIFE these days? How about going beyond day-to-day survival (or comfortable routine) questions to taking-up your biggest questions, challenges and opportunities?

THE FIRST ENQUIRY: What are some the MOST BASIC QUESTIONS anyone could ask? I say, it is asking yourself questions like:

  1. Am I doing WHAT I REALLY WANT to do in my life?
  2. Am I living life on MY OWN TERMS?
  3. How much more FREEDOM can I create for myself in life?
  4. How can I infuse my life with more of CREATIVITY, FUN, MEANING and TRUE JOY?
  5. How can I serve and create value for people around me and the world in THE BIGGEST WAY POSSIBLE?

THE SECOND ENQUIRY: How do I discover my constraints and blindspots? You could ask yourself:

  1. Where is my maximum energy and focus directed towards? Which goals need to be re-aligned?
  2. What is taking my maximum time and attention these days? How can I increase my effectiveness?
  3. What is not giving me joy? What am I tolerating? What do I need to let go of?

THE THIRD ENQUIRY: How do I arrive at the SPECIFIC STEPS I need take to move towards my MOST EXCITING GOALS? You could ask yourself:

  1. If I had access to unlimited resources, what would be my BIGGEST PRIORITIES NOW?
  2. What I MUST achieve today, this week, this month and this year?
  3. If I had to CHOOSE ONE LONG-TERM GOAL (3-10 years horizon) toward I have to allocate ALL MY RESOURCES, then what would that goal be?

But, What is The Most Fundamental Question?

What is the fundamental problem / opportunity statement of life? That we do not know what is is the fundamental problem / opportunity statement of life!

We need to go step further. What is the fundamental CRISIS of life! That most people do not even know that they do know what is is the fundamental problem / opportunity statement of life.

Why is this a crisis? Imagine you are in more commonly agreed upon crisis – like being stuck in flood with a few people on a boat. What would you do? If it is clear to all what needs to be done (like rowing towards a safe space or calling for help, etc) then together you would take all those actions. Now what if the course of action is not clear? Then what would you do? Probably, everyone will come together to brainstorm on what are the possible ways out of the danger. The problem, in this case, is clear – that you are stuck in a flood.

Now, coming back to real life, the problem is not clear. For example:

  1. We could be on a huge spherical (actually oblate spheroid) ship which is moving around in great speed and we are about to it another large object in space.
  2. We are in a simulation or a laboratory of some more advanced life species.
  3. And so on!

Now, let us look around – people are rushing about businesses or stuck in a self-created torturous lifestyle or, at best, enjoying a hypnotic luxurious existence. In any case, it is hypnosis. Mass hypnosis. Criminal hypnosis.

That is the fundamental question / opportunity / crisis of life. That most people do not even know that they do know what is is the fundamental problem / opportunity statement of life. This is a crisis because only a handful of people on this earth are working constructively – most are either sleep walking or, they are in a full-fledged pursuit of seriously damaging the human existence and the natural ecosystem.

How does this impact our personal lives and our relationship with the entire existence?

Personally, we need to review our priorities.

At community level, we need to be (1) more solution oriented (2) make effort to bring more inter-community understanding. The community could be a family, a local neighborhood, a nation, an ideological group, a religious group, and so on. At every level, we need to alter the nature and quality of conversation. Every moment and each resource is critical.

Some More Bigger Questions…

As our spaceship earth hurtles us around the Galaxy, it is fun to look at life as if we were at the edges of our seats – excitedly peeping into the universe with an ever expanding awareness, knowledge and wisdom.

Here are some of the most exciting questions that face us:

  1. The Human Identity, Self Awareness: Do we really know ourselves? Either ways, what the hell are we doing here! [more coming soon!]
  2. TRANSFORM: Transformative Learning: Fundamentally, are we perceiving, learning, acting and living our entire lives in some illusion or delusion? Do we know the real game here?
  3. How Mind Works: We know a lot about our biological brain but almost nothing about The Human Mind! [more coming soon!]
  4. EVOLVE: Human Evolution: What’s Next?
  5. ….more coming


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